Purpose of American History Central

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The American History Central Project

American History Central is a planned series of online digital encyclopedias that will focus on specific time periods and events in American History. We are currently working on encyclopedias that cover the Great Depression and the inspiration behind the Declaration of Independence.

This website will serve as a central hub and access point to all of the American History Central encyclopedias, but it will also provide a massive index of online resources that can be used as references for teaching and research.

About R.Squared Communications

Unlike most projects of this type, American History Central is being developed by a company, rather than an non-profit organization or institution. The company is R.Squared Communication, a web design, development and marketing firm located in Dublin, Ohio. The project is being driven by the company’s President, Randal Rust. For the past six years, the company has worked with the Ohio Historical Society on the development of their online digital encyclopedia, Ohio History Central. In 2008, the company began work on another encyclopedia project with the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, which is called Know Louisiana. That encyclopedia is scheduled to launch in 2010 and a beta site is already up and running.

R.Squared Communications is an Institutional Member of the American Association of State and Local History, and a member of the Internet Digital Encyclopedia Alliance. The company has chosen to devote time, effort and resources to the preservation of history online.

Randal Rust says, “I firmly believe that the preservation of history, culture and the humanities is vital to the development of our children. But it’s also important that our older generations have accurate resources that they can use for reference and enrichment. There are so many different places today that people can turn to for information, but many of those sources lack credentials. American History Central is a place that people can turn to for facts that have been verified by the educational community.”

Advisory Board

We have set up an Advisory Board, made of  history professionals with experience in the design, planning and implementation of online digital encyclopedias.