The Battle of Chancellorsville was fought in and around the town of Chancellorsville, Virginia, from April 30 to May 6, 1863. In what many historians believe to be Confederate General Robert E. Lee's greatest victory, the Army of Northern Virginia defeated Major General Joseph Hooker's Army of the Potomac, despite being out-manned nearly 2 to 1. The South, however, suffered a devastating blow when General Stonewall Jackson was mortally wounded by friendly fire during the battle. Read the Entry »

The Charter of Massachusetts Bay (1629) set up the government and extent of authority for the New England Company, which later become known as the Massachusetts Bay Company. In 1630, the Massachusetts Bay Company founded the city of Boston. Read the Entry »

Fought from November 23 through November 25, 1863, the Battle of Chattanooga ended Confederate General Braxton Bragg's investment of Federal troops at Chattanooga and paved the way for for the Union's successful Atlanta Campaign in 1864. Read the Entry »

Fought from September 19 to September 20, 1863, the Battle of Chickamauga produced the highest casualty totals for any battle in the western theater of the American Civil War and second only to the Battle of Gettysburg for the entire war. Read the Entry »

The Citizen Genêt Affair was a diplomatic incident that strained relations between the United Sates and France at the time of the French Revolution. Read the Entry »

The Coercive Acts, also known as the Intolerable Acts, were five laws passed by the British Parliament in 1774, which prompted the calling of the First Continental Congress. Read the Entry »

Committees of Correspondence were groups created by American colonial legislatures and local governments to communicate with their agents in Britain, or to facilitate communication between towns. Read the Entry »

The Compromise of 1850 was a collection of Congressional legislation proposed by Kentucky Senator Henry Clay to resolve sectional issues in the United States regarding slavery after the Mexican-American War. Read the Entry »

The Battle of Concord took place on April 19, 1775 in the village of Concord, Massachusetts, west of Boston. It was one of the opening battles of the American Revolution. Read the Entry »

The Constitutional Convention was held in Philadelphia in 1787. The purpose was to revise the Articles of Confederation. Instead, the Convention resulted in the United States Constitution. Read the Entry »

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