Alexander Hamilton was a Founding Father of our nation and the first Secretary of the Treasury. He led calls for the Philadelphia Convention and co-authored the Federalist Papers. Read the Entry »

Alexander Hamilton's speech to the New York Convention delivered on June 24, 1788. Read the Entry »

Patrick Henry was a Founding Father, member of the Continental Congress, and five-time Governor of Virginia. He is best remembered for his "give me liberty or give me death" speech in 1775, which served as an inspiration for the cause of independence. Henry continued to champion liberty after the Revolution, as a staunch Anti-Federalist and opponent to ratification of the U.S. Constitution on the grounds that it centralized too much power with the federal government. Read the Entry »

John Hancock was a Founder and the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. After the War, he served as Governor of Massachusetts and helped ratify the Constitution. Read the Entry »