Shays' Rebellion was an insurrection that showed the weakness of the Articles of Confederation. Read the Entry »

Celebrated in the North and reviled in the South, William Tecumseh Sherman was a prominent Union general during the American Civil War. An accomplished soldier and able leader, Sherman is best remembered for his "scorched earth" tactics during the Atlanta, Savannah, and Carolina campaigns, which left a swath of destruction across the South during the latter part of the war. Read the Entry »

The Sons of Liberty was a secret society that opposed British colonial policy prior to the American Revolution. The group included several prominent members, including Samuel Adams, who are now looked up as Founders of the United States of America. Read the Entry »

The Stamp Act required that stamps be purchased and placed on all legal documents and printed materials in the American colonies, including newspapers, pamphlets, and even playing cards. Read the Entry »

The Stamp Act Congress was the first unified meeting of the colonies to respond to British policies. Delegates from nine colonies came together to discuss a response to the Stamp Act. Read the Entry »

The Suffolk Reserves were written by Joseph Warren, in response to the Restraining Acts. Read the Entry »

The Sugar Act, properly known as the American Revenue Act, was enacted by Parliament on April 5, 1764. The goal of the act was to raise revenue to help defray the military costs of protecting the American colonies at a time Great Britain's economy was saddled with the huge national debt accumulated during the French and Indian War (aka Seven Years War). Read the Entry »