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George Washington was unanimously elected as the first President of the United States in 1789 and 1792. He is the only person to receive 100% of the electoral votes in any election. Fellow Founding Father John Adams served as his Vice President during both terms.

Prior to the French and Indian War, Washington served as an officer in the British army. In 1754 Washington and his troops built Fort Necessity in western Pennsylvania. On July 3, 1754, Fort Necessity was overwhelmed by French forces. Some consider this to be the actual start of the French and Indian War, although Britain did not formally declare war until 1756.

In 1755, Washington served under British General Edward Braddock on a failed mission to retake the Ohio Country from the French. Despite the defeat, he was promoted to Colonel and named Commander of all military forces in Virginia.

In 1758, Washington participated in the Forbes Expedition, which retook Fort Duquesne, paving the way for the settlement of Pittsburgh.

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