Petition for Freedom to Thomas Hutchinson, Text

June 1773

This petition for the abolition of slavery was written to the Royal Governor of Massachusetts, Thomas Hutchinson.

Thomas Hutchinson, Portrait

Thomas Hutchinson was the Royal Governor of Massachusetts in 1773. Image Source: Wikipedia.

June, 1773

The recent Petition sent in by [ . . . ]

To his Excellency Thomas Hutc [hinson Gov ]ernor of said Provnce, to the Honorable his Majesty s [Council, and to the] Honourable House of Representatives in General court assembled June 1773 — The Petition of us the subscribers in behalf of all thous who by divine Permission are held in a state of slavery, within the bowels of a free Country, Humbly sheweth — That your Petitioners apprehend thay have in comon with other men a naturel right to be free and without molestation to injoy such Property, as thay may acquire by their industry, or by any other means not detrimetal to their fellow men, and that no Person can have any just claim to their services unless

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