Stamp Act Congress, Massachusetts House of Representatives Circular Letter

June 8, 1765

On June 8, 1765, the Massachusetts House of Representatives sent a letter to the legislatures of the other colonies and asked them to send representatives to a meeting in New York in October. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss legislation passed by Parliament that levied taxes on the colonies. The meeting came to be known as the Stamp Act Congress.

James Otis, Portrait

James Otis, Jr. was a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, which sent this letter to the legislatures of the other colonies in June 1765.

BOSTON, June 1765.


THE House of Representatives of this Province, in the present Session of the General Court, have unanimously agreed to propose a Meeting, as soon as may be, of COMMITTEES, from the Houses of Representatives or Burgesses of the several British Colonies on this Continent to consult together on the present Circumstances of the Colonies, and the Difficulties to which they are, and must be reduced, by the Operation of the Acts of Parliament for levying Duties and Taxes on the Colonies; and to consider of a general, and united, dutiful, loyal and humble Representation of their Condition, to his Majesty and the Parliament, and to implore Relief. The House of Representatives of this Province, have also Voted to propose, That such Meeting be at the City of New-York, in the Province of New-York, on the first Tuesday in October next; and have appointed a Committee of Three of their Members, to attend that Service, with such as the other Houses of Representatives, or Burgesses, in the several Colonies, may think fit to appoint to meet them. And the Committee of the House of Representatives of this Province, are directed to repair to said New-York, on said first Tuesday in October next, accordingly.

If therefore, your Honourable House should agree to this Proposal, it would be acceptable, that as early Notice of it as possible, might be trans|mitted to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of this Province.