Sherman, William T. – William Tecumseh Sherman: In the Service of My Country: A Life by James Lee McDonough

Selected Reviews “Superbly researched and richly detailed, James McDonough’s William Tecumseh Sherman judiciously guides the reader through the epic life of the man who might be history’s most complicated soldier. For Sherman fans it is a must-read, and for others, a worthwhile endeavor.” – Robert L. O’Connell, best-selling author of Fierce Patriot: The Tangled Lives of William Tecumseh Sherman … Read more

Paine, Thomas – Tom Paine: A Political Life

“A definitive biography portrays the life of one of democracy’s greatest champions–a soldier, diplomat, and pamphleteer of the American Revolution who helped draft the French Constitution–and reveals tensions, discoveries, and dramatic surprises.” From

Barbary War, First – Victory in Tripoli by Joshua E. London

“At the dawn of a new century, a newly elected U.S. president was forced to confront an escalating series of unprovoked attacks on Americans by Muslim terrorists sworn to carry out jihad against all Western powers. As timely and familiar as these events may seem, they occurred more than two centuries ago. The president was … Read more

Valley Forge – Valley Forge by Richard Ammon

Discusses the situation of the Continental Army at Valley Forge during the frigid winter of 1777-78, describing the courage of the soldiers and the leadership of George Washington. From

Barbary War, First – Wars of the Barbary Pirates by Gregory Fremont-Barnes

“The Barbary War – the first American war against Libya – was the first war waged by the United States outside national boundaries after gaining independence and unification of the country. The four Barbary States of North Africa – Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli – had plundered seaborne commerce for centuries. This was piracy on … Read more

Jefferson, Thomas – Twilight at Monticello: The Final Years of Thomas Jefferson

Selected Reviews “Intimate and detailed . . . [Alan Pell Crawford] had access to thousands of family letters–some previously unexamined by historians–that he used to create his portrait of the complex idealist, [and] there are some surprising tidbits to be found.” –Associated Press “[A] well-researched look at Jefferson, and even readers with only a passing … Read more

Paine, Thomas – Tom Paine and Revolutionary America

Selected Reviews “Foner provides a striking picture of the strength and limitations of the radicalism that helped to form the United States.”–The New Republic” One of the most important studies ever published on Paine…[with] superb analyses of the artisanal world in which Paine moved in Philadelphia, Paine’s crucial role in the movement for American independence, … Read more

Burr, Aaron – The Treason Trials of Aaron Burr – R. Kent Newmyer

“The Burr treason trial, one of the greatest criminal trials in American history, was significant for several reasons. The legal proceedings lasted seven months and featured some of the nation’s best lawyers. It also pitted President Thomas Jefferson (who declared Burr guilty without the benefit of a trial and who masterminded the prosecution), Chief Justice … Read more

Paine, Thomas – Thomas Paine and the Promise of America

“Thomas Paine was one of the most remarkable political writers of the modern world and the greatest radical of a radical age. Through writings like Common Sense―and words such as “The sun never shined on a cause of greater worth,” “We have it in our power to begin the world over again,” and “These are the … Read more

Washington, George – The Real George Washington

There is properly no history; only biography, wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. If that is true of the general run of mankind, it is particularly true of George Washington. The story of his life is the story of the founding of America. His was the dominant personality in three of the most critical events in that founding: … Read more

Jefferson, Thomas – The Real Thomas Jefferson

“Jefferson is the central figure in American history, and…he may yet prove to be the central figure in modern history. So stated noted historian Henry Steele Commager. And as the English novelist Samuel Butler once wrote, Though God cannot alter the past–historians can. His observation is especially applicable to our changing perceptions of great historical personalities, most of … Read more

Gettysburg, Battle of – The Killer Angels

“My favorite historical novel . . . a superb re-creation of the Battle of Gettysburg, but its real importance is its insight into what the war was about, and what it meant.”—James M. McPherson In the four most bloody and courageous days of our nation’s history, two armies fought for two conflicting dreams. One dreamed … Read more

Gettysburg Address – The Gettysburg Gospel: The Lincoln Speech That Nobody Knows

“The words Abraham Lincoln spoke at the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery at Gettysburg comprise perhaps the most famous speech in history. It has been quoted by popes, presidents, prime ministers, and revolutionaries around the world. From “Four score and seven years ago…” to “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” … Read more

Lincoln, Abraraham – The Lincoln Bicentennial Collection: 3-volume box set

“The Lincoln Bicentennial Collection contains three complete volumes of works by and about the 16th President. The first two books, the landmark Abraham Lincoln: Speeches and Writings 1832-1858 and Abraham Lincoln: Speeches and Writings 1859– 1865, which Alfred Kazin called it a “momentous and thrilling addition to any private library,” have been reissued with commemorative … Read more