Samuel Adams: The Father of American Independence

Samuel Adams: The Father of American Independence by Dennis B. Fradin


A slight figure clad in a threadbare coat, Samuel Adams was an unlikely portrait of a dangerous revolutionary. The man who would later be called the Father of the American Revolution, however, worked tirelessly behind the scenes to achieve the goal of American independence, uniting his genius for words and his passion for politics to urge countless numbers toward revolution. In this insightful biography, Dennis Brindell Fradin traces Adams’s life from boyhood to his two terms as one of Massachusetts’s most senior senators, for a thoughtful and dramatic account of the pioneer whose indomitable spirit shaped the national character of what would become the United States. Author’s note, bibliography, index.



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  • Creator Dennis B. Fradin
  • Publisher Clarion Books
  • Year 1998
  • ISBN 10 0395825105
  • ISBN 13 978-0395825105

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