1754–1763 - French and Indian War

McKean, Thomas - Biography

Thomas McKean was a well-known lawyer, politician, and judge from New London, Pennsylvania. He is a Founding Father because he signed the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation and was the second President under the Articles. He also participated in key events that shaped the American Revolution, including the Stamp Act Congress, First Continental Congress, and Second Continental Congress. He also played a key role in Pennsylvania’s ratification of the United States Constitution.

Otis, Jr., James - Biography

James Otis, Jr. was a successful lawyer from Boston, Massachusetts. He played a key role in helping shape the ideology of the American Revolution with his opposition to Writs of Assistance, the Sugar Act, taxation without representation, and the Stamp Act. He also saw all people as equal, with the same rights, regardless of skin color. He should be considered a Founding Father for his early arguments for rights and liberty, but his career was cut short by mental issues.