Portrait of Abigail Adams.

Portrait of a young Abigail Adams.

Abigail Adams Facts

November 22, 1744–October 28, 1818 — Second First Lady of the United States

Facts About Abigail Adams

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Abigail Adams was born on November 11, 1744.

She was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Her parents were the Reverend William Smith and Elizabeth Quincy.

Her mother’s cousin was Dorothy Quincy, the wife of John Hancock.

Abigail received no formal schooling, but she was able to use the library and environment of her father’s parsonage to learn to educate herself.

She married John Adams on October 25, 1764.

After American gained independence from Britain, John served as an ambassador in Europe. From 1784 to 1788, she joined John in Europe, on diplomatic missions to France and England.

John was elected as the second President of the United States in 1797, succeeding George Washington.

In 1800, John and Abigail moved into the new President’s House, which is now known as the White House, making her the first First Lady to reside there.

In October of 1818, Abigail fell ill with typhus and died on the 28th.

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