Atlanta Campaign Facts

May 7–September 2, 1864

Important facts, participants, and timeline about the Atlanta Campaign, which took place from May to September 1864. It ended when Confederate forces led by John Bell Hood evacuated Atlanta, leaving the city open to Union forces under the command of William T. Sherman. Sherman occupied the city on September 2, and Union forces remained there for the remainder of the war and through Reconstruction.

William T Sherman at Atlanta, Photograph

General William T. Sherman on horseback at Federal Fort No. 7 in Atlanta. Image Source: Library of Congress.



The Atlanta Campaign is defined as a Union offensive fought in northern Georgia from May to September of 1864.

Date and Location

  • May 7–September 2, 1864
  • Northern Virginia

Timeline of the Atlanta Campaign

These are the main battles and events of the Atlanta Campaign in chronological order.

End of the Atlanta Campaign

The Atlanta Campaign ended when Confederate General John Bell Hood ordered the Army of Tennessee to evacuate Atlanta on September 1, 1864, enabling Sherman to occupy the city on the next day.

Principal Union Commanders

The overall commander of the combined Union forces, known as the Military Division of the Mississippi, during the Atlanta Campaign was Major General William T. Sherman. The commanders of the individual Union armies were:

Principal Confederate Commanders

At the beginning of the Atlanta Campaign, General Joseph E. Johnston commanded the Confederate Army of Tennessee.

On July 17, 1864, Confederate President Jefferson Davis relieved General Joseph E. Johnston of command of the Army of Tennessee and replaced him with Lieutenant General John Bell Hood.


Union Forces Engaged

The Union armies that fought in the Atlanta Campaign were all part of the Military Division of the Mississippi. The individual armies were:

  1. The Army of the Tennessee, commanded by Major General James B. McPherson.
  2. The Army of the Ohio, commanded by Major General John M. Schofield.
  3. The Army of the Cumberland, commanded by Major General George H. Thomas.

Confederate Forces Engaged

The Confederate army that fought in the Atlanta Campaign was the Army of Tennessee.

Number of Union Soldiers Engaged

  • The number of Union soldiers engaged in the Atlanta Campaign varied from about 98,500 to 112,000.

Number of Confederate Soldiers Engaged

  • The number of Confederate soldiers engaged in the Atlanta Campaign was roughly 50,000–65,000

Estimated Union Casualties

Union casualties during the Atlanta Campaign were about 31,600.

  • Killed: 4,423
  • Wounded: 22,822
  • Captured or Missing: 4,442

Estimated Confederate Casualties

Confederate casualties during the Atlanta Campaign were about 35,000.

  • Killed: 3,044
  • Wounded: 18,952
  • Captured or Missing: 12,983

Result of the Atlanta Campaign

  • The result of the Atlanta Campaign was a Union victory.

Impact of the Atlanta Campaign

The impact of the Atlanta Campaign was a major success for the Union, however, Confederate forces were able to escape, which extended the war.

  • The capture of Atlanta was an important factor in President Abraham Lincoln’s re-election.
  • The capture of Atlanta opened the door for Sherman’s “March to the Sea.”
  • Union forces occupied Atlanta for the rest of the war and throughout Reconstruction.

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