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Portrait of Thomas Munford

Thomas Munford was in command of Confederate pickets East of the town of Aldie.

Battle of Aldie Facts

June 17, 1863

Key facts about the Battle of Aldie, which took place on June 17, 1863, and was part of Robert E. Lee's Gettysburg Campaign.


  • June 17, 1863


  • Loudoun County, Virginia


  • Gettysburg

Principal Union Commanders

  • Brigadier General Judson Kilpatrick
  • Major General David Gregg
  • Major General Alfred Pleasonton

Principal Confederate Commanders

  • Colonel Thomas Munford
  • Colonel Thomas Rosser
  • Major General J.E.B. Stuart

Union Forces Engaged

  • Various cavalry regiments of the Army of the Potomac

Confederate Forces Engaged

  • Various cavalry regiments of the Army of Northern Virginia

Number of Union Soldiers Engaged

  • Roughly 2,000

Number of Confederate Soldiers Engaged

  • Roughly 1,500

Union Casualties

  • Estimated 305 killed and wounded

Confederate Casualties

  • Estimated between 110 to 119 killed and wounded
  • The 1st Massachusetts Cavalry suffered a casualty rate of nearly 67% (198 killed or wounded of 294 troopers engaged)


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