Battle of Amelia Springs Facts

April 5–6, 1865

Amelia Springs Battle facts, including dates, location, casualties, leaders, who won, and more interesting facts you might not know. This fact sheet provides a quick overview of the battle and is for kids doing research and students preparing for the AP U.S. History (APUSH) exam.

Fitzhugh Lee, Civil War General

On April 5, 1865, three brigades of Major General Fitzhugh Lee’s Confederate cavalry counterattacked a brigade of Major General George Crook’s Union cavalry about three miles north of Amelia Springs. Image Source: Wikipedia.

Amelia Spring Battle Detail

On April 5, Confederate cavalry under Fitzhugh Lee and Thomas L. Rosser assaulted Union cavalry under George Crook as they returned from burning Confederate wagons at Painesville. This running fight started north of Amelia Springs and pushed through and beyond Jetersville.

Date and Location

  • April 5–6, 1865
  • Amelia County, Virginia


Principal Union Commanders

Principal Confederate Commanders

Union Forces Engaged

  • Cavalry forces of Major Gener George Crook

Confederate Forces Engaged

  • Cavalry forces of Major General Thomas L. Rosser and Major General Fitzhugh Lee

Union Casualties

  • Roughly 158 (killed, wounded, capture/missing)

Confederate Casualties

  • Roughly 100 (killed, wounded, capture/missing)

Results of the Battle of Amelia Springs

The outcome of the Battle of Amelia Springs was inconclusive.

Timeline of the Battle of Amelia Spring

These are the main battles and events of the Appomattox Campaign in order.