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Black and white photo of Fitzhugh Lee.

Major General Fitzhugh Lee was one of the Confederate commanders at the Battle of Amelia Springs.

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April 5–6, 1865

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Amelia Springs

On April 5, Confederate cavalry under Fitzhugh Lee and Rosser assaulted Union cavalry under George Crook as they returned from burning Confederate wagons at Painesville. This running fight started north of Amelia Springs and pushed through and beyond Jetersville.

Amelia Springs Marker

Union cavalry under Gen. Henry E. Davies, Jr. left Gen. Philip H. Sheridan's column near Jetersville on April 5, 1865, on a reconnaissance mission against the Army of Northern Virginia. Davies swept by here, rode through Paineville, and four Miles further on encountered Gen. G.W. Custis Lee's wagon train, which he attacked and destroyed. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee's cavalry in turn attacked part of Davies' command at Paineville and pursued it past this place through Amelia Springs.

The Battle of Amelia Springs

Lee didn't leave Amelia Court House for Farmville, he left for Burkeville, that's why he marched to Jetersville, first. Finding Union infantry dug in between himself and Burkeville Lee turned north to Amelia Springs to try and move around the Union. In better days Lee would have been looking to flank the Union position but no longer, at Jetersville he just wanted to find a way on to the South Side Railroad without having to fight a full on battle.

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