Battle of Gilgal Church Facts

June 15–16, 1864

Gilgal Church Battle facts, including dates, location, casualties, leaders, who won, and more interesting facts you might not know. This fact sheet provides a quick overview of the battle and is for kids doing research and students preparing for the AP U.S. History (APUSH) exam.

Portrait of Patrick Cleburne

Major General Patrick Cleburne commanded the victorious Confederate troops at the Battle of Gilgal Church. [Wikimedia Commons]


  • June 15 – 16, 1864


  • Cobb County, Georgia


  • Atlanta (Marietta Operations)

Principal Union commander(s):

  • Major General Joseph Hooker
  • Major General Daniel Butterfield

Principal Confederate commander(s):

  • Major General Patrick Cleburne

Union forces engaged:

  • 3rd Division of the 20th Corps (Army of the Cumberland)
  • 8 regiments (Army of the Ohio)

Confederate forces engaged:

  • Cleburne’s Division (Army of Tennessee)

Number of Union soldiers engaged:

  • Undetermined

Number of Confederate soldiers engaged:

  • Undetermined

Estimated Union casualties:

  • 200 (killed, wounded, captured/missing)

Estimated Confederate casualties:

  • Unreported


  • Inconclusive


  • Confederates drove the Northern forces from the battlefield, inflicting approximately 200 casualties while suffering only a few themselves.
  • The Battle of Gilgal Church was part of the Marietta Operations.

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