Battle of Middle Creek (1862) Battlefield

January 10, 1862

Visit Middle Creek National Battlefield, where the Battle of Middle Creek took place on January 10, 1862, during the Civil War, and ended in a Union Victory.

James A Garfield, Civil War, General, Portrait

Combined with the Union victory at the Battle of Mill Spring a week later, Colonel James A. Garfield’s triumph at Middle Creek cracked the eastern end of the Confederate defensive line in Kentucky in 1862. Image Source: Library of Congress.

Visit Middle Creek National Battlefield

Middle Creek National Battlefield is located in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. If you would like more information about the battlefield, visit the Middle Creek National Battlefield website.

Map of Middle Creek National Battlefield

Aerial View of Middle Creek National Battlefield

Historical Marker for the Middle Creek Battlefield

The Kentucky Historical Society erected a marker at the site of the Battle of Middle Creek. There are inscriptions on both sides of the marker.

The inscription reads on one side says:

“THE BATTLE OF MIDDLE CREEK. At this site, on Jan. 10, 1862, Union troops under Col. James A. Garfield defeated Confederates led by Gen. Humphrey Marshall. Garfield’s 1,100 Ohioians and Kentuckians advanced up Middle Creek and clashed with Marshall’s 1,967 Virginians and Kentuckians. Marshall’s main force occupied ridge on the south side of Middle Creek. The battle began about noon, with the Union troops fighting their way up the ridges and the Confederates counterattacking down them. Turning point came at 4:00 p.m., when Garfield’s reserves arrived from Paintsville. Faced with fresh Union troops and advancing shadows, Marshall withdrew his troops from ridge and retreated. Union losses: 3 killed, 18 wounded; Confederate losses: 12 killed, 15 wounded.”

On the other side, it commemorates the property of Henry Clay Fitzpatrick, where the battle took place.

“THE FITZPATRICK FARM. The Battle of Middle Creek was fought on land owned by Henry Clay Fitzpatrick (1823-1895), son of Jonathan Fitzpatrick and grandson of Bath Co., Va., native John Fitzpatrick, Revolutionary War veteran, who established a farm here sometime before 1800. John is buried on Graveyard Point, Garfield’s command post during battle. Henry’s son Hiram H. Fitzpatrick, Floyd County Clerk, inherited the farm and passed it to his son Henry D. Fitzpatrick, Sr. and daughter Osa F. Ligon. Next owners were Henry D. Fitzpatrick, Jr., president of The Bank Josephine, and Osa’s daughter, Sally Ligon Clarke. Farm is now owned by Middle Creek National Battlefield Foundation, founded in 1992 by Franklin D. Fitzpatrick, son of H.D. Fitzpatrick, Jr.”

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