Battle of Pine Mountain Facts

June 14–15, 1864

Key facts about the Battle of Pine Mountain fought in Cobb County, Georgia on June 14-15, 1864 during the Atlanta Campaign.

Portrait of Leonidas Polk

A Union cannonball killed Confederate Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk during the Battle of Pine Mountain. [Wikimedia Commons]


  • June 14-15, 1864


  • Cobb County, Georgia


  • Atlanta Campaign

Union forces engaged:

  • Geary’s White Star Division of the 20th Corps

Confederate forces engaged:

  • Lieutenant General William Hardee’s Corps
  • Major General Patrick Cleburne’s Division

Principal Union commander:

  • Brigadier General John W. Geary

Principal Confederate commander:

  • Lieutenant General William Hardee
  • Major General Patrick Cleburne

Number of Union soldiers engaged:

  • 15,000

Number of Confederate soldiers engaged:

  • Undetermined

Union casualties:

  • Over 750 soldiers (killed, wounded, captured/missing)

Confederate casualties:

  • Undetermined


  • Union victory


  • On June 14, 1864, Union artillery batteries shelled the Confederate position on Pine Mountain, inflicting few casualties, with the notable exception of Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk, who was killed by a Northern cannonball.