Battle of Saint Mary's Church Facts

June 24, 1864

Key facts about the Battle of Saint Mary's Church (also known as the Battle of Nance's Shop).

Portrait of Ulysses S. Grant

The Battle of Saint Mary’s Church was the last battle in Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant’s Overland Campaign. [Wikimedia Commons]

Also Known As

  • Battle of Nance’s Shop


  • June 24, 1864


  • Charles City, Virginia


Principal Union Commanders

Principal Confederate Commanders

Union Forces Engaged

  • Sheridan’s Cavalry (Army of the Potomac)

Confederate Forces Engaged

  • Hampton’s Cavalry (Army of Northern Virginia

Number of Union Soldiers Engaged

  • Undetermined

Number of Confederate Soldiers Engaged

  • Undetermined

Estimated Combined Casualties

  • 630 (killed, wounded, captured/missing)


  • Confederate victory


  • Sheridan’s forces were attempting to reunite with Grant’s Army of the Potomac, following the Union cavalry’s defeat at the Battle of Trevilian Station on June 11 and 12, 1864.
  • The Battle of Saint Mary’s Church was the last battle in Grant’s Overland Campaign.

Timeline of the Overland Campaign

These are the main battles and events of the Overland Campaign in order.

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