Battle of Staunton River Bridge Facts

June 25, 1864

Key facts about the Battle of Staunton River Bridge, also known as the Battle of Blacks and Whites.

Portrait of August Kautz

The Battle of Staunton River Bridge was a Confederate victory because Brigadier General August Kautz’s cavalry failed to destroy the bridge spanning the Staunton River. [Wikimedia Commons]

Also Known As

  • Battle of Blacks and Whites


  • June 25, 1864


  • Halifax County, Charlotte County, near Blacks and Whites (modern-day Blackstone), Virginia


Principal Union Commanders

  • Brigadier General James Wilson
  • Brigadier General August Kautz

Principal Confederate Commanders

Union Forces Engaged

  • Wilson’s Cavalry Division
  • Kautz’s Cavalry Division

Confederate Forces Engaged

  • Reserves and local citizens, reinforced by “Rooney” Lee’s Cavalry Division

Number of Union Soldiers Engaged

  • Roughly 5,000

Number of Confederate Soldiers Engaged

  • Roughly 4,100

Estimated Union Casualties

  • 116 (42 killed, 44 wounded, and 30 missing/captured)

Estimated Confederate Casualties

  • 34 (10 killed and 24 wounded)


  • Confederate victory

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