Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Quick Facts

February 25, 1756–August 16, 1825

Quick Facts About Charles Pinckney

Born February 14, 1746, Charleston, S.C.

Educated in England at Westminster School and Oxford

Admitted to the bar in England in 1769

Returned to South Carolina in 1769

Member of South Carolina’s Committee of Intelligence

Joined South Carolina militia in 1776

Served as chairman of the committee that drafted South Carolina’s 1776 constitution

Captured by British forces during invasion of Charleston in 1780 and held until 1782

As a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, advocated a strong federal government

As a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, was an staunch defender of slavery

Signed the Constitution and worked successfully for ratification in South Carolina

Appointed as U.S. Minister to France in 1796, but the revolutionary government in France refused to receive him

Participant in the infamous XYZ Affair

Responded to French bribery attempts with famous quote, “;No, no, not a sixpence.”;

Served as a major general in command of American forces in the South from 1798 to 1800

Federalist party’s unsuccessful vice-presidential candidate in 1800

Federalist party’s unsuccessful presidential candidate in 1804 and 1808

Died August 16, 1825 in Charleston, S.C.

Buried in the cemetery at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

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