Daniel Harris Reynolds - Facts

December 14, 1832 - March 14, 1902

Key facts about Daniel Harris Reynolds, a Confederate general, who served in the far western and western theaters of operations during the Civil War.

Portrait of Daniel H. Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds was born in Centerburg, Ohio, but he served as a brigadier general in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. [Wikimedia Commons]

Full Name:

  • Daniel Harris Reynolds

Birth Date:

  • December 14, 1832

Birth Location:

  • Centerburg, Ohio


  • Amos and Sophia (Houck) Reynolds


  • Ohio Wesleyan University


  • Lawyer
  • Military officer

Career Summary:

  • Brigadier General (CSA)


  • Martha Wallace (1868)

Place of Death:

  • Lake Village, Arkansas

Date of Death:

  • March 14, 1902

Place of Burial:

  • Lake Village Cemetery, Lake Village, Arkansas


  • Daniel Reynolds studied at Ohio Wesleyan University.
  • Daniel Reynolds studied law privately in Louisa County, Iowa, and Somerville, Tennessee.
  • Daniel Reynolds was admitted to the bar in 1858, he established a legal practice in Lake Village, Arkansas.
  • When the Civil War began, Daniel Reynolds raised a cavalry company called the “Chicot Rangers,” and was elected as its captain on May 25, 1861.
  • Daniel Reynolds was commissioned in the Confederate Army as captain of Company A of the 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles on June 14, 1861.
  • Daniel Reynolds participated in the Battle of Wilson’s Creek (August 10, 1861) and the Battle of Pea Ridge (March 7–8, 1862).
  • Daniel Reynolds and his regiment were transferred to the Army of Tennessee in the spring of 1862.
  • Daniel Reynolds was promoted to major on April 14, 1862.
  • Daniel Reynolds was promoted to lieutenant colonel on May 1, 1862.
  • Daniel Reynolds was promoted to and colonel of the First Arkansas Mounted Rifles on November 17, 1863 (effective September 20).
  • Daniel Reynolds was promoted to brigadier general on March 12, 1864, effective March 5.
  • After his promotion to brigadier general, Daniel Reynolds commanded “Reynolds’ Arkansas Brigade,” composed of the First and Second Arkansas Mounted Rifles (dismounted); the Fourth, Ninth, Twenty-fifth and Thirty-first Arkansas Infantry regiments and the Fourth Arkansas Infantry Battalion.
  • In the Atlanta campaign, Daniel Reynolds defeated Brigadier General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick at the Battle of Lovejoy Station (August 20, 1864).
  • During the Battle of Bentonville (March 19, 1865), Daniel Reynolds was severely wounded and his left leg was later amputated.
  • When the Civil War ended, Daniel Reynolds resumed his law practice in Lake Village, Arkansas.
  • Daniel Reynolds served as a state senator for Ashley, Chicot, and Drew counties, from 1866 to 1867.
  • Daniel Reynolds married Martha Wallace on November 24, 1868, and raised five children.
  • Daniel Reynolds died in Lake Village, Arkansas on March 14, 1902.

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