John Robinson Memorial Tablet — Pilgrim Landmark in Leiden


This historical marker at St. Peter's Church in Leiden pays tribute to John Robinson for his leadership of the Pilgrims while they lived in Leiden.

John Robinson, Mayflower Memorial, Leiden

This historical marker outside Pieterskerk memorializes John Robinson. Image Source: The Historical Marker Database.

John Robinson Memorial Tablet on Wall Outside of Pieterskerk in Leiden

During the Pilgrim’s time in Leiden, John Robinson led the congregation that eventually decided to emigrate to America. Robinson was unable to go with the first group on the Mayflower and stayed behind in Leiden. Robinson is memorialized with a marker on a wall on the outside of Pieterskerk — St. Peter’s Church — in Leiden, across the street from where he lived.

Map of the John Robinson Memorial Tablet

John Robinson Memorial Tablet Text

In Memory of
Rev. John Robinson, M.A.
Pastor of the English church worshiping over against this spot. A.D. 1609-1625, whence at his prompting went forth the Pilgrim Fathers to settle New England in 1620.

Buried under this house of worship, 4 Mar. 1625

AET. XLIX Years.
In Memoria Aeterna Erit Justus.

Erected by the National Council of the Congregational
Churches of the United States of America.

A.D. 1891.

Leiden, Netherlands — Where the Mayflower Voyage Started for the Pilgrim Fathers

In 2020 the United States, England, and the Netherlands commemorated the 400-year anniversary of the Separatists — the Pilgrim Fathers — leaving Leiden after 12 years in exile. For the Pilgrim Fathers, the Mayflower journey to America started here. This video provides a quick overview of many of the historic sites in Leiden that are related to the Pilgrim Fathers.

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