Leiden American Pilgrim Museum — Pilgrim Landmark in Leiden


The Leiden American Pilgrim Museum tells the Pilgrim story using collections of furnishings and artworks in a house built in 1370 that recalled Pilgrim times.

Green Market, Leiden, 1660

The Green Market with a View of the Still Run in Leiden, 1660. Image Source: Museum De Lakenhal.

Leiden American Pilgrim Museum

The Leiden American Pilgrim Museum is dedicated to the Pilgrim Fathers and documents their history in the city. According to the museum’s website, it is “Located in a beautifully preserved house built ca 1365-1370 near the clock tower of the Hooglandse Kerk, the Leiden American Pilgrim museum tells the stories of the founders of New England, the Pilgrims. Furnishings from Pilgrim times show aspects of daily life, while events involving the Pilgrims themselves are illustrated with a remarkable collection of sixteenth and seventeenth-century maps and engravings by such artists as Gerard Mercator, Adrian van de Venne, Adriaen van Ostade, and Jacques de Gheyn.”

Map of Leiden American Pilgrim Museum

A Quick Visit to the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum

In this video, Leiden American Pilgrim Museum (LAPM). Sarah Moine, the curator of LAPM, talk about the pilgrims and the museum.

Leiden, Netherlands — Where the Mayflower Voyage Started for the Pilgrim Fathers

In 2020 the United States, England, and the Netherlands commemorated the 400-year anniversary of the Separatists — the Pilgrim Fathers — leaving Leiden after 12 years in exile. For the Pilgrim Fathers, the Mayflower journey to America started here. This video provides a quick overview of many of the historic sites in Leiden that are related to the Pilgrim Fathers.

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