Anderson, Robert – Facts

General Robert Anderson, Civil War, USA

Who was Civil War officer Robert Anderson? When the Civil War began, Robert Anderson was a major in the United States Army commanding the federal garrison at Fort Sumter. When Southern forces commanded by P.G.T. Beauregard demanded that Anderson surrender the fort, Anderson refused. At 4:30 a.m., April 12, 1861, the South Carolina Artillery fired … Read more

Anderson, Robert

General Robert Anderson, Civil War, USA

Early Life Robert Anderson was born on June 14, 1805, on his family’s plantation, “Soldier’s Retreat,” near Louisville, Kentucky. He was the son of Richard and Sarah (Marshall) Anderson. Political and military prominence pervaded Anderson’s heritage. His father was a slaveholder who served as an officer in the American Revolution and was a charter member … Read more

Trumbull, Lyman

Lyman Trumbull, Congressman, Illinois, Portrait

Early Life Lyman Trumbull was born on October 12, 1813, in Colchester, Connecticut. He was the seventh of eleven children of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Mather) Trumbull. Benjamin Trumbull was a farmer who also served as a representative in the Connecticut legislature and as a probate judge. Elizabeth Trumbull was a descendant of the renowned New … Read more

Stevens, Thaddeus

Thaddeus Stevens, Radical Republican, LOC

Early Life Thaddeus Stevens was born in Danville, Vermont, on April 4, 1792. He was the second of four sons of Joshua Stevens and Sally (Morrill) Stevens. Born with a club foot that hindered him throughout his life, Stevens’ youth was rife with hardship. His father, an unsuccessful shoemaker, was also an alcoholic. According to … Read more

Smith, William Farrar

Portrait of William Farrar Smith

Early Life William Farrar Smith was born at St. Albans, Vermont on February 17, 1824. He was the son of Ashbel and Sarah (Butler) Smith. During his youth, Smith attended local schools at St. Albans, where his father was a farmer. U.S. Military Academy Cadet In 1841, Smith received an appointment to the United States … Read more

Ashley, James Mitchell

James Ashley, Portrait

Early Life James Mitchell Ashley was born on November 14, 1824, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. He was the son of Reverend John Clinton Ashley and Mary Ann (Kirkpatrick) Ashley. When Ashley was two years old, his family moved to Portsmouth, Ohio, where his father operated a small bookbinding business, and a soap and … Read more

Ashley, James Mitchell – Facts

Birth Date November 14, 1824 Birth Location Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh Parents Reverend John Clinton Ashley and Mary Ann (Kirkpatrick) Ashley Education No formal education Occupation Lawyer Politician Railroad executive Career Summary U.S. Congressman Governor of Montana Territory Spouse Emma J. Smith (1851) Place of Death Alma, Michigan Date of Death September 16, 1896 … Read more

Johnson, Andrew – Facts

Portrait of Andrew Johnson

Full Name: Andrew Johnson Birth Date: December 29, 1808 Birth Location: Raleigh, North Carolina Parents: Jacob and Mary “Polly” (McDonough) Johnson Education: Never attended school Occupation(s): Politician Tailor Career Summary: U.S. Congressman Governor of Tennessee U.S. Senator U.S. Vice-president 17th U.S. President Spouse: Eliza McCardle (1827) Place of Death: Elizabethton, Tennessee Date of Death: July … Read more

Gregg, David McMurtrie

Portrait of David M. Gregg

Early Life David McMurtrie Gregg was born on April 10, 1833, at Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. He was the third of nine children born to Matthew Duncan Gregg and Ellen McMurtrie. Trained as a lawyer, Matthew Gregg was part owner and ironmaster of the Potomac Furnace, an ironwork in Loudoun County, Virginia. David Gregg’s grandfather, Andrew Gregg … Read more

Giddings, Joshua Reed – Facts

Portrait of Joshua Giddings

Full Name: Joshua Reed Giddings Birth Date: October 6, 1795 Birth Location: Tioga Point (later Athens) Pennsylvania Parents: Joshua and Elizabeth (Pease) Giddings Education: Little, if any, formal education Occupation: Lawyer Career Summary: U.S. Congressman Consul-general to the British North American Provinces Spouse: Laura Waters (1819) Place of Death: Montreal, Canada Date of Death: May … Read more

Ewing, Hugh Boyle – Facts

Hugh Boyle Ewing, General, USA, Civil War, LOC

Full Name: Hugh Boyle Ewing Birth Date: October 31, 1826 Birth Location: Lancaster, Ohio Parents: Thomas and Maria (Boyle) Ewing Education: United States Military Academy (DNG) Occupation: Lawyer Military officer Author Career Summary: Brigadier General (USVA) Brevet Major General (USVA) American Minister to Holland Spouse: Henrietta Young (1858) Place of Death: Fairfield County, Ohio Date … Read more

Ewing, Charles – Facts

Portrait of Charles Ewing

Full Name: Charles Ewing Birth Date: March 6, 1835 Birth Location: Lancaster, Ohio Parents: Thomas Ewing and Maria (Boyle) Ewing Education: Gonzaga College University of Virginia Occupation: Lawyer Military officer Career Summary: Lieutenant Colonel (USA) Brigadier General (USVA) Spouse: Virginia Larwell Miller (1870) Place of Death: Washington, D.C. Date of Death: June 20, 1883 Place … Read more

Ewing, Thomas, Sr. – Facts

Portrait of Thomas Ewing, Sr.

Full Name: Thomas Ewing, Sr. Birth Date: Undetermined – possibly December 26 or December 28, 1789 Birth Location: West Liberty, Virginia (now West Virginia) Parents: George and Rachel (Harris) Ewing Education: Ohio University (1815) Occupation: Lawyer Politician Career Summary: U.S. Senator U.S. Secretary of the Treasury U.S. Secretary of the Interior Spouse: Maria Wills Boyle … Read more

Ewing, Thomas, Jr. – Facts

Thomas Ewing Jr, General, USA, Civil War, LOC

Full Name: Thomas Ewing, Jr. Birth Date: August 7, 1829 Birth Location: Lancaster, Ohio Parents: Thomas and Maria (Boyle) Ewing Education: Brown University (1854) Occupation: Lawyer Military officer Politician Career Summary: Chief Justice Kansas State Supreme Court Brigadier General (USVA) Brevet Major General (USVA) U.S. Congressman Spouse: Ellen Cox (1856) Place of Death: New York … Read more

Doubleday, Abner – Facts

Portrait of Abner Doubleday

Full Name: Abner Doubleday Birth Date: June 26, 1819 Birth Location: Ballston Spa, New York Parents: Ulysses Freeman Doubleday and Hester (Donnelly) Doubleday Education: United States Military Academy (1842) Occupation: Military officer Career Summary: Colonel (USA) Major General (USVA) Spouse: Mary Hewitt (1852) Nickname(s): Forty-Eight Hours Place of Death: Mendham, New Jersey Date of Death: … Read more

Dennison, William Jr. – Facts

Portrait of William Dennison

Full Name: William Dennison, Jr. Birth Date: November 23, 1815 Birth Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Parents: William and Mary (Carter) Dennison Education: Miami University (1835) Occupation: Lawyer Politician Career Summary: Governor of Ohio Postmaster General of the United States Spouse: Anne Eliza Neil Place of Death: Columbus, Ohio Date of Death: June 15, 1882 Place of … Read more

Custer, Thomas Ward – Facts

Portrait of Thomas Custer

Full Name: Thomas Ward Custer Birth Date: March 15, 1845 Birth Location: New Rumley, Ohio Parents: Emanuel Henry and Maria (Ward) Custer Education: Undetermined Occupation: Soldier Military officer Career Summary: Captain (USA) Spouse: None Place of Death: Big Horn County, Montana Date of Death: June 25, 1876 Place of Burial: Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery, Kansas … Read more

Curtis, Samuel Ryan – Facts

General Samuel Curtis Ryan, USA, Civil War

Full Name Birth Date Birth Location Parents Education Occupation Career Summary Spouse Place of Death Date of Death Place of Burial Significance

Crook, George – Facts

George Crook, General, USA, Civil War, LOC

Full Name: George Crook Birth Date: September 8, 1828 Birth Location: near Taylorsville, Ohio Parents: Thomas and Elizabeth (Matthews) Crook Education: United States Military Academy (1852) Occupation: Miltary officer Career Summary: Major General (USVA) Major General (USA) Spouse: Mary Tapscott Daily (1865) Nickname(s): Grey Wolf Place of Death: Chicago, Illinois Date of Death: March 20, … Read more

Crittenden, George Bibb – Facts

Portrait of George Crittenden

Birth Date: March 20, 1812 Birth Location: Russellville, Kentucky Parents: John Joseph and Sarah “Sally” (Lee) Crittenden Education: United States Military Academy (1832) Occupation: Military officer Lawyer Career Summary: Lieutenant colonel (USA) Major general (CSA) Spouse: None Place of Death: Danville, Kentucky Date of Death: November 27, 1880 Place of Burial: Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort, Kentucky … Read more