The Pilgrim Fathers Memorial — Pilgrim Landmark in Leiden


In 1620, the Pilgrim Fathers left their home in Leiden, Netherlands. They sailed past this spot on their way to Delfshaven, where they spent the night before they boarded the Speedwell to sail to England.

This image highlights the Pilgrim Fathers Memorial near De Vliet in Leiden. Image Source: American History Central.

The Pilgrim Fathers Leave Leiden

In July 1620, a group of Separatists — the Pilgrim Fathers — left Leiden and started their journey to America. From Leiden, they traveled to Delfshaven. There is a small sculpture on the bank of Vliet canal that commemorates the event.

The sculpture does not mark the spot from where the Pilgrim Fathers left for Delfshaven. The sculpture is close to the Leiden Archives, where the Pilgrim Archives are stored. They boarded their boat for Delfshaven near John Robinson’s home, however, they did sail past this spot and under the Vliet Bridge.

Pilgrim Fathers Memorial Map

The sculpture is difficult to see. It is on the far bank, beneath the branches of the trees.

Pilgrim Fathers Memorial Text

The names of the Pilgrim Fathers who left in 1620 — and the Separatists that followed in later years — are inscribed on the ground leading up to the sculpture. The text reads:

Allerton – Alston – Barker
Barlow – Bassett – Blossom
Bompass – Bradford
Brewster – Browne – Carey
Carpenter – Carver – Chandler
Chilton – Cooke – Cooper
Crackston – Cushman
Cuthbertson – De Lannoy
Dunham – English – Fletcher
Fuller – Goodall – Goodman
Hanson – Heale – Hooke
Jenney – Lee – Mahieu
Masterson – Minter – Mitchell
Morton – Nicholas – Norris
Pontus – Priest – Ring
Robinson – Rogers – Samson
Southworth – Standish
Symonson – Tillie – Tinker
Tracey – Turner – White
Willett – Williams – Winslow
Wood – Wright

Vanaf hier vertrokken de Pilgrims uit
Leiden op weg naar de nieuwe wereld

1620 – 1647

From here the Pilgrims left Leiden
on their journey to the new world

Departure of Pilgrims from Delfshaven, 1620
Departure of the Pilgrim Fathers from Delfshaven on Their Way to America on July 22, 1620. Image Source: Museum De Lakenhal.

Leiden, Netherlands — Where the Mayflower Voyage Started for the Pilgrim Fathers

In 2020 the United States, England, and the Netherlands commemorated the 400-year anniversary of the Separatists — the Pilgrim Fathers — leaving Leiden after 12 years in exile. For the Pilgrim Fathers, the Mayflower journey to America started here. This video provides a quick overview of many of the historic sites in Leiden that are related to the Pilgrim Fathers.

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