Portrait of Sam Adams.

Sam Adams was a member of the Sons of Liberty.

Sons of Liberty Quick Facts


Quick Facts About Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty was a group of American colonists who organized initially to protest the Stamp Act (1765).

The Sons of Liberty originated in 1765.

Historians are undecided on the origins of the Sons of Liberty. Some say the group originated in Massachusetts, other say New York.

The name of the Sons of Liberty came from a speech made in Parliament by Isaac Barré in 1765. During his speech, Barré referred to the royal governors in the colonies as “;men whose behavior on many occasions had caused the blood of those sons of liberty to recoil within them.”;

By the time of the American Revolution, each colony had its own Sons of Liberty group.

Leaders of the New York Sons of Liberty were Isaac Sears and Alexander McDougall.

Leaders of the Massachusetts Sons of Liberty were Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and James Otis.

The Sons of Liberty spread their beliefs about British colonial policies through correspondence and publications.

The Sons of Liberty organized demonstrations that sometimes turned violent to protest British colonial policy.

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