Percy's Reinforcements Join Smith in Lexington — Doolittle Engravings, Plate 4

April 19, 1775

Amos Doolittle made this copper engraving of the British forces during the march back to Boston in 1775, after visiting Lexington and interviewing eyewitnesses. This engraving was the fourth plate in the four-plate series. Together, they are known as the "Doolittle Engravings of the Battles of Lexington and Concord."

This engraving was made by Amos Doolittle from an illustration done by landscape artist, Ralph Earl. The text at the top of the engraving says, “Plate IV. A View of the South Part of Lexington.”

Amos Doolittle Engravings, Lexington and Concord, 1775, Plate 4, Large

The engraving includes nine labels that explain the scene.

Number 1 — “Colonel Smith’s Brigade retreating before the Provincials.”

Number 2 — “Earl Percy’s Brigade meeting them.”

Number 3 and 4 — “Earl Percy and Colonel Smith.” This refers to General Hugh Percy, who led the reinforcements, and Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith, who led the expedition. By this time, Lieutenant Colonel Smith was wounded, and might not have been able to ride his horse.

Number 5 — “Provincials.”

Number 6 and 7 — “The Flankguards of Percy’s Brigade.”

Number 8 — “A Fieldpiece pointed at the Lexington Meetinghouse.”

Number 9 — “The Burning of the Houses in Lexington.”

Amos Doolittle Engravings

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