When Did the Sugar Act Happen?

The Sugar Act was passed by Parliament on April 5, 1764. It went into effect on September 29, 1764, and lasted until 1766 when it was repealed and replaced by the Revenue Act. The Sugar Act of 1764 was the first of the British Acts that were passed to raise revenue from the colonies. Collectively, … Read more

When Did Lord Bute Join the Council of King George III?

On March 25, 1761, King George III appointed Lord Bute, John Stuart, as Secretary of State for the Northern Department. Secretaries of State The Secretaries of State were senior members of the King’s Council and were appointed by the King. The Secretaries were responsible for managing foreign affairs. They had a significant influence on colonial … Read more

What was the Proclamation of 1763?

Portrait of King George III by Allan Ramsay, from WikiMedia Commons. The Proclamation of 1763 reserved the lands west of the crest of the Appalachian mountains for the Indians, and prohibited colonists from moving west. After the French and Indian War, the French gave up their claim to lands east of the Mississippi River. This … Read more

AP Exam Study Guides for 2019

It’s that time of year! AP exams are right around the corner. We’ve taken the time to collect links to some of the top study guides on Amazon.com. U.S. History AP U.S. History (Premium), Princeton Review AP U.S. History, Princeton Review AP U.S. History, Barron’s AP U.S. History, Sterling Test Prep European History AP European … Read more

The Newburgh Conspiracy – March 15, 1783

One of the early threats to the republic came in March 1783, when a group of officers in the Continental Army decided to challenge the authority of the Congress. The incident was caused by the inability of Congress to pay the members of the military. Under the Articles of Confederation, the Congress could not tax the … Read more

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