Harry Searles, Ph.D.

Harry Searles graduated from The Ohio State University in 1969. He began his professional career in 1970 as a social studies teacher with the Columbus, Ohio Public School District, where he spent two years in the classroom before pursuing his Master’s Degree at Ohio State.

In 1974, he was invited to enroll in the doctoral program at Ohio State. While completing his coursework, he taught undergraduate social studies methods classes and supervised student teachers. In 1977, he accepted a position as a historical researcher with the Ohio Historical Society. He received his doctoral degree in 1980, specializing in social studies education, American history, and instructional technology

Harry worked at the Ohio Historical Society from 1977 through 2007. During that period, he served in many capacities, including researcher, director of education, director of multimedia services, and director of interpretation and design at the senior management level. During his tenure, he was project director for numerous large exhibitions and new museum facilities around Ohio. Throughout that time, he never lost his enthusiasm for instructional technology, and in 1999, he founded Ohio History Central, the Ohio Historical Society’s online encyclopedia of Ohio history.

In 2007, Harry retired from the Ohio Historical Society and has worked on many different Online Digital Encyclopedias, including American History Central. He also conceived Ohio Civil War Central and wrote nearly all of the entries.

Harry wrote the first entries for American History Central and continues to contribute entries about the Civil War.