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Boston, Siege of

After Lexington and Concord, colonial militia units from Massachusetts followed British troops back to Boston. In the days that followed, militia from New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island joined the Massachusetts militia to help confine British troops to the city. The siege lasted from April 19, 1775, until March 17, 1776. The siege was part of the Boston Campaign and included the Battle of Bunker Hill and the Fortification of Dorchester Heights. It resulted in the British evacuating Boston and Massachusetts.

McKean, Thomas - Biography

Thomas McKean was a well-known lawyer, politician, and judge from New London, Pennsylvania. He is a Founding Father because he signed the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation and was the second President under the Articles. He also participated in key events that shaped the American Revolution, including the Stamp Act Congress, First Continental Congress, and Second Continental Congress. He also played a key role in Pennsylvania’s ratification of the United States Constitution.

Paine, Thomas - Biography

Thomas Paine was a Founding Father, a philosopher of the American Revolution, and a true revolutionary. His essays and pamphlets, especially Common Sense, noted for its plain language, resonated with the common people of America and roused them to rally behind the movement for independence. Following the American Revolutionary War, Paine immigrated to Europe where the British government declared him an outlaw for his anti-monarchist views, and where he actively participated in the French Revolution.

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