Yorktown, Battle of – Facts

George Washington, General

Facts About the Battle of Yorktown in the Revolutionary War Also Known As: The Battle of Yorktown is also known as the Siege of Yorktown. Date Started: The Battle of Yorktown started on September 28, 1781. Date Ended: The fighting ended on October 19, 1781. Location: The battle took place in Yorktown, Virginia. Campaign: The … Read more

Stamp Act, Facts

George Grenville, Prime Minister, Portrait

Stamp Act Definition — What Was the Stamp Act? The Stamp Act of 1765 was an act of Parliament that imposed a direct tax on the British colonies in America. It required documents to be printed on paper embossed with a stamp. The money raised from the tax would be used to fund the British … Read more

Louisiana Purchase

Thomas Jefferson, Painting, Rembrandt Peale

The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 The Louisiana Purchase was the extraordinary acquisition the United States made of roughly 530,000,000 acres of land from the French First Republic in 1803. The United States paid $15 million to take control of New Orleans and the land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. Louisiana Purchase Quick … Read more

New England Colonies in Colonial America

John Winthrop, Puritan Father, Governor, Portrait

The New England Colonies in Colonial America — A Guide to Four of the 13 Original Colonies The colonies are generally divided into three regions — New England, Middle, and Southern. The New England Colonies were: Connecticut Rhode Island Massachusetts New Hampshire Quick Facts Here are five important facts about the New England Colonies. Before … Read more

Allen, Ethan

Portrait of Ethan Allen

Biography of Ethan Allen Ethan Allen was a Revolutionary War hero and one of the first heroes of the war. He rose to prominence when he moved to the New Hampshire Grants — present-day Vermont — and was hired by the settlers living there to represent them in a dispute with New York authorities over … Read more

Rhode Island Colony – Early History and Settlement

Rhode Island, One of the Original 13 Colonies The Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations was an English colony in North America that became one of the 13 Original Colonies that voted to declare independence from Great Britain on July 2, 1776. On May 4, 1776, the Rhode Island Assembly voted to break ties with … Read more

Chase, Samuel – Biography

Samuel Chase, Founding Father, Illustration

Biography of Samuel Chase Samuel Chase was a Founding Father and a former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. He was a lawyer and politician from Maryland who rose to prominence during the American Revolution, despite a rough personality and often harsh way of dealing with people, especially political opponents. Chase was born on April … Read more

Pea Ridge Campaign – Facts

Map of the Pea Ridge Campaign

Date: December 28, 1861–July 12, 1862 Location: Southwest Missouri, Northwest Arkansas Timeline of the Pea Ridge Campaign These are the main battles and events of the Pea Ridge Campaign in order. December 28, 1862: Union Brigadier General Samuel R. Curtis launched the Pea Ridge Campaign by dispatching a cavalry expedition toward Brigadier General Sterling Price’s … Read more

Wythe, George – Biography

George Wythe, Signer of the Declaration, Illustration

Biography of George Wythe, Founding Father and Signer of the Declaration of Independence George Wythe was a lawyer, teacher, and politician from Virginia who rose to prominence during the American Revolution and became a Founding Father. Wythe was born to a wealthy family in Elizabeth County, Virginia in 1726. His father was Thomas Wythe and … Read more

Lincon, Abraham – Assassination of

John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln Assassin, Portrait

Summary of the Lincoln Assassination The Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln took place on the night of April 14, 1865, when Lincoln was shot by actor John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. The incident was part of a larger plot, which also targeted Vice President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of State William … Read more

Williams, Roger – Biography

Biography of Roger Williams, Founder of Rhode Island and Father of the Separation of Church and State Roger Williams was a minister and politician who founded the settlement of Providence, which became the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations — or Rhode Island — one of the 13 Original Colonies. He was born in … Read more

Emancipation Proclamation, Summary

Abraham Lincoln, Portrait, Gardner

Summary of the Emancipation Proclamation, One of President Abraham Lincoln’s Greatest Accomplishments The Emancipation Proclamation was a proclamation issued by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, that declared all “all persons held as slaves” in the states that were in rebellion against the United States were “henceforward…free.” After decades of division over slavery, the … Read more

Douglas, Stephen Arnold – Facts

Stephen Douglas, Portrait

Facts About the Birth of Stephen Douglas Full Name: Stephen Arnold Douglas Date of Birth: April 23, 1813 Place of Birth: Brandon, Vermont Parents: Stephen Arnold and Sarah (Fisk) Douglass Facts About the Education and Career of Stephen Douglas Education: Canandaigua Academy Occupation: Politician, Lawyer Career Summary: U. S. Congressman, U.S. Senator Nickname: Little Giant … Read more

Douglas, Stephen Arnold – Biography

Stephen Douglas, Portrait

Biography of Stephen A. Douglas, Former United States Senator Stephen Douglas was a politician from Illinois who rose to prominence in the mid-1850s, as the debate in the United States over the issue of slavery intensified. Douglas was born in Vermont and grew up there and in New York. In 1833, he moved west, looking … Read more

Pea Ridge Campaign – Summary

Map of the Pea Ridge Campaign

Summary Contested between December 28, 1861–July 12, 1862, the Pea Ridge Campaign was arguably the most significant military operation in the Trans-Mississippi theater during the Civil War. Over the course of the six-month-long Union offensive, Brigadier General Samuel Ryan Curtis’ Army of the Southwest drove General Sterling Price‘s Missouri State Guard out of Missouri, defeated … Read more

Hale, Nathan – Biography

Nathan Hale, Statue

Biography of Nathan Hale Nathan Hale was an officer in the Continental Army and rose to prominence during the early days of the American Revolutionary War. He was born in Connecticut and attended Yale, where he became friends with Benjamin Tallmadge. Hale was working as a teacher when the American Revolutionary War started with the … Read more

Livingston, Robert “The Chancellor”

Robert R Livingston, The Chancellor, Portrait

Biography of Robert R. Livingston, Founding Father and Chancellor of New York Robert R. Livingston was a lawyer and politician who rose to prominence during the American Revolution and became one of the Founding Fathers. His parents were from two of the wealthiest and most prominent families in New York. He entered into politics in … Read more

Sherman, Roger – Biography

Roger Sherman, Founding Father, Illustration

Biography of Roger Sherman, Founding Father, and Architect of the Great Compromise Roger Sherman is a Founding Father who was a merchant, lawyer, and politician. He rose to prominence during the American Revolution as a political icon and influential member of Congress. He was born in Massachusetts and moved to Connecticut after his father died. … Read more

Appomattox Station, Battle of – Summary

Black and white photograph of George A. Custer.

Prelude to the Battle Grant’s Umbrella Strategy On March 12, 1864, President Abraham Lincoln appointed Ulysses S. Grant as General-in-Chief of the Armies of the United States. Upon his arrival in Washington, Grant drafted a plan to get the various Union armies in the field to act in concert and strike the Confederacy from several … Read more

Saratoga, Second Battle of – Summary

Benedict Arnold, Portrait, Illustration

Second Battle of Saratoga, Summary of the Battle of Bemis Heights The Second Battle of Saratoga — also known as the Battle of Bemis Heights — was fought between the United States of America and Great Britain on October 7, 1777, during the Saratoga Campaign of the American Revolutionary War.  After the American Invasion of … Read more